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Aqua Shine Provides CPR Basics To Swimming Pool Owners.

Aqua Shine understands fatal emergencies such as attacks, drowning, choking or electric shock happen every day. The steps taken in the following seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the best training to have to try to help someone in an extreme situation when that person has stopped breathing. Learning this basic first-aid technique can help you give a friend, a loved one or a stranger a second chance for life.

If you find an adult who has collapsed, check responsiveness by gently shaking a shoulder and shouting, “Are you all right?” If the person doesn’t respond, shout for help. If a helper is available, send that person to call 911.

*If no help is available, make the call yourself before performing the CPR steps listed below.



  • Place victim flat on his/her back on a hard surface.

  • Shake victim at the shoulders and shout “are you okay?”

  • If no response, call emergency medical system -911 then,

  • Head-tilt/chin-lift – open victims’ airway by tilting their head back with one hand while lifting up their chin with your other hand.


  • Position your cheek close to victims’ nose and mouth, look toward victims’ chest, and

  • Look, listen, and feel for breathing (5-10 seconds)

  • If not breathing, pinch victim’s nose closed and give 2 full breaths into victim’s mouth (use microshield).

  • If breaths won’t go in, re-position head and try again to give breaths. If still blocked, perform abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver)


  • Check for carotid pulse by feeling for 5-10 seconds at the side of victims’ neck.

  • If there is a pulse but victim is not breathing, give Rescue breathing at rate of 1 breath every 5 seconds Or 12 breaths per minute

  • If there is no pulse, begin chest compressions as follows: Place heel of one hand on lower part of victim’s sternum. With your other hand directly on top of first hand, Depress sternum 1.5 to 2 inches.

  • Perform 15 compressions to every 2 breaths. (rate: 80-100 per minute)

  • Check for return of pulse every minutes


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