You Can Improve Your Pool Cleaning System!

If your suction cleaner is clogging up, or not getting all of the debris from your pool? We have an effective solution to your problem!

The new Hayward V-flex upgrade kit is now available from Aqua Shine Pools, and you don’t want to miss this… The new Hayward V-flex upgrade kit is NOW AVAILABLE! With features like a newly patented V-Flex Variable Vane Turbine Technology for top quality clog free cleaning. This product features self-adjusting variable vanes for easy handling of larger debris! The energy efficient design maximizes suction power at a lower flow, making it ideal for use with variable-speed pumps. The components within the upgrade kit improve the performance of debris handling and energy-efficiency with fewer moving parts to maintain.

Click the link to watch a short video and learn more about the Hayward V-flex:

V-Flex is a cost-effective upgrade! While less expensive than purchasing a new cleaner, this upgrade kit will allow your current cleaner to handle more debris and cut down on the risk of broken internal components and costly repairs. *The kit fits in any Hayward Navigator or Pool vac Ultra model and immediately upgrades your cleaner to V-Flex technology.

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V-Flex Upgrade Kit Includes:

V-Flex Turbine kit
Bearing free A-Frame kit and retainer
Replacement Shoes (x4)
Replacement Wings (x2)
Suction inlet (Throat)



For more information and to see if a V-Flex upgrade kit is right for your cleaner, contact our team of pool professionals today for a new peace of mind with clog-free cleaning upgrades.

Don’t have a Navigator but still want to upgrade your pool cleaning system?
Aqua Shine Pools recommends a Baracuda G3 or Wheeled Rebel.
Chat with us on our website to discuss the options available.

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