Pool Owners Need To Know The Best Time To Run The Pool Filter

Keeping a private pool clean and usable is a daily task that is especially important during the warm months of the year. Friends, family and neighbors all enjoy the pleasure of a relaxing swim in the pool. The swimming pool filter needs to be run regularly to keep the pool clean. Once it has done it’s job, swimmers can jump back into the pool. However, it takes up a lot of energy and should only be done when necessary.

There are a few optimal and necessary times to run the filter. Please see below…


The ideal time to run the swimming pool filter is in the afternoon. That is the time that others are potentially using their pools and filter activity is lower. For that reason, putting the filter on will reduce the electricity bill of your property.

After Chemicals are Added

Adding chemicals like chlorine into the pool should be done carefully and mixed well so that they are not damaging to swimmers. Using the filter after these chemicals are added reduces the risk.

Cleaning Accidents

Children often have pool “accidents”. To clean this without getting everyone involved, you can simply run the pool filter.

Following Storms

After a storm, there are lots of foreign elements in the pool. Those include dirty rain water, leaves, tree branches, other plants and dirt. Use the filter to eliminate all of these without draining the pool.

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