Understand The Need for Diligent Pool Management in AZ.

All pool owners are responsible for periodic cleaning and maintenance to best enjoy your aquatic investment. The frequency of pool maintenance can vary considerably depending on your location. If you live in the State of Arizona, where most parts have over 200 full sunny days per year, and 300 days that are at least partly sunny, then your swimming pool will require more a higher standard of maintenance. Keep reading to better understand the need for diligent ongoing pool services for Arizona pool owners.  pool service

Ultraviolet Rays on Your Pool

Chlorine is the chemical used to sanitize pools. It prevents harmful bacteria from taking hold and growing, as well as algae. All pool owners enjoy the combined sensation of a pool with a comfortable temperature with warm air. However, ironically, it is also the source of the destruction of your pool’s sanitizer. Ultraviolet rays react with chlorine and gradually cause its dissipation. When your chlorine levels drop too low, it leaves your pool susceptible to algae and bacteria.

Water Levels

Water level management alone requires a higher level of maintenance in Arizona. Apart from the UV rays, one other drawback to the Arizona sun is its capacity to evaporate water. The water level in your pool needs to be regularly monitored. The reason is that if your water level drops to the point where it is not far enough up the skimmer, it can damage your pump.

Arizona Dust

In Arizona, dust is kicked around frequently in the form of dust storms, or winds. This means some of this dust will end up being blown into your pool along with any leaf and yard debri. While a pump and filter is helpful with particles that are floating, some of them will inevitably end up sinking to the bottom and to the walls. The walls of your pool must be periodically brushed, and the bottom vacuumed in order to keep your pool clean of debris over the long term.

It’s in your best interest to have ongoing pool care if you live in Arizona based on the unique impact that the environment can have on your swimming pool.

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