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Our detailed pool cleaning will take your pool water from GREEN to CLEAN, no matter what the severity of algae is in your pool. The alkalinity and pH need to be adjusted to speed up the pool recovery along with using pool shock. With some heavy algae conditions, it might be necessary to look at a good acid wash to alleviate the problem.

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Service man checking chlorine, PH and other chemical levels in community pool


Looking to get rid of the muck at the bottom of your pool? Our Muck-Out process varies depending on the condition of your pool. Muck in your pool can be vacuumed by our professionals regardless of how long the pool has been in this condition. We completely drain pools to be more accessible for removing 100% of the debris. Aqua Shine Pool Service professionals inspect and aid in determining the most efficient and economical way to clear your pool of muck!


The process we use involves completely draining your pool and thoroughly cleaning for lasting results. This pool service is most necessary when your pool has sat stagnant for a long period of time and algae begins to grow and primarily takes over your pool. If you can’t see the bottom of your pool, acid washing is usually the most cost-effective means to eliminate the algae.


Do you suspect there is a leak in your swimming pool or water feature? Our pool technicians identify where the leak is at, and can provide you with a free evaluation to discover what the most affordable repair solution is. We can repair pool leaks in any of your pool water features.

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From pool cleaning equipment and automatic systems to the pool heaters and pumps, we’ve got the professional equipment and supplies with top recommendations available today for your swimming pool.

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