pool cleaners phoenixPool Cleaning? Beating the heat sounds like a simple enough task: Fill up the pool and hop in! But that simple task quickly becomes a potentially expensive hassle when you remember that your pool needs regular cleaning and chemical treatments to ensure it is not only cool, but safe and clean for you and your loved ones. Pool maintenance can be such a hassle, and if you aren’t sure exactly what you are doing, it can even be dangerous. For those of us who want to jump in the cool water without the extra work, the perfect solution is obvious: hire a pool cleaner from Aqua Shine Pools! Not 100% convinced you need a pool cleaner to do the extra work for you? If you have one, make sure it is operating properly.¬† Below are 3 ways a pool cleaner will make your life easier.

1. Ensuring your water is safe

Treating pool water requires a delicate balance of chemicals that will eliminate bacteria without harming your skin. Mix the wrong chemicals, or the wrong balance, and you could wind up seriously hurting yourself or those who swim in your pool. Forego the chemicals, and you could invite bacteria into your pool that could make you sick. Feel confident when you work with our team! Each Aqua Shine Pool service technician is trained on exactly what chemicals are needed to make sure your pool water is clean, safe, and ready to go for summer.

2. Eliminate Sudden Breakdowns

If you rely on a machine to keep your pool in tip top shape, you never know when it will suddenly breakdown, ruining your weekend plans. Not only are pool cleaning breakdowns inconvenient, but they can also be expensive, between paying for new parts or a whole new system, as well as hiring someone to install or repair the system. We have all the right tools and equipment available for each pool service. With each regularly scheduled pool cleaning, we provide a full pool inspection, so there are never any surprises or added expenses when it comes to the pool!

3. Enjoy Your Pool- On Your Time

Instead of wasting your valuable relaxation time doing all the work of cleaning your pool, leaving no time to swim, let the professionals at Aqua Shine Pools do the work for you. Then, it’s easy to maximize relaxation time without worrying about the maintenance. Whether you count on your pool as a form of daily exercise or weekly recreation, having a clean pool ready for you when you need it will help rid you of your summertime blues. In conclusion, our team fully understands how to provide the exceptional pool cleaning service you are looking for.

For all of swimming pool cleaning needs in the Phoenix area, call Aqua Shine Pools!


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