Do You Need You Need An Acid Wash For Your Pool?

The joys of owning a swimming pool are endless – it makes summers fun, gives you the perfect place to throw parties, is a great opportunity for exercise, and adds value to your property. But pools also require regular maintenance so that they can be safe for your family and friends to swim in. An acid wash for your pool can keep it healthy and clean all year round.aqua shine pool acid wash

How do you know if you need an acid wash?

An acid wash can a regular part of pool maintenance, done once every few years. If your pool has been stagnant for a while or has clear calcium build up, an acid wash can bring it back. However, because acid washes strip away a small amount of plaster from your pool, they should be used sparingly. If you can see the bottom of the shallow end of your pool, you may want to try using filters, chemicals, and a thorough cleaning first.

What are the benefits of an acid wash?

  • Kills algae – if the water in your pool has been stagnant, algae may have taken over. An acid wash will remove all the calcium build up from the sides and bottom of your pool
  • Dissolves mineral buildup – minerals like calcium, copper, and magnesium can stain your pool. Acid washing can clean up these surface stains
  • Restore your pool – an acid wash can bring back the original luster of a brand new pool

Considering acid washing your own pool?

Though acid washing can be done yourself, it is always recommended that you hire a professional. The acid used in acid washing is a dangerous substance and can be harmful to humans. In addition, an improperly done acid wash can damage your pool, potentially decreasing its life. If you’re looking into acid washing services for your pool, contact us. The team at Aqua Shine pools are happy to offer this service, along with many others, to keep your pool looking its best.

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